The Worst Thing in the World

When the thought of a relationship ending seems like The Worst Thing In The World, we can feel pretty powerless and scared. Cliff Pervocracy talks about those feeling and his process of dealing with breakups and shifting his perspective on romantic relationships.

This piece mentions abusive behaviour and (non-graphic) self-harm. You can read it here.


Someday We Will Leave This Town

Have you heard this great song by local musicians Megan Lane and Rae Spoon (co-writer and additional vocals)? 

“I hear there are places where we don’t have to feel nervous,

where people just let us be who we want.

I hear there are places where people have our backs”

Introducing: Mad Pride MTL

Here’s some info about a really great local group and resource- Mad Pride Montreal!

What we do

We meet bi-monthly for support groups and mad outings/activities, and we table a few times a year at various events with our rad mental health-themed distro.
We work at creating a safer, non-judgemental space to share experiences of madness to better understand ourselves and eachother.

Why we do it

We’re critical of how we’re labeled and treated by the mental health system and by society at large.
We value our experiences and need a safe space to discuss alternatives and ways forward.  

We adopt an anti-oppression framework, we’re anti-racist, feminists, pro-queer and trans*-friendly.

Join us!

Ce qu’on fait

Nous nous rencontrons deux fois par mois pour des groupes de support et des sorties/activités folles.Nous souhaitons discuter de nos expériences dans une ambiance respectueuse et sécuritaire, pour mieux comprendre et se réapproprier notre folie.
Nous distribuons aussi des zines ayant pour thème la santé mentale d’un point de vue radical.

Pourquoi on le fait

Nous sommes critiques de la façon dont nous sommes traité.e.s et étiqueté.e.s par le système psychiatrique et par la société en général.
Nous avons envie et besoin d’alternatives qui nous ressemblent et nous rassemblent.

Nous sommes anti-autoritaires, anti-racistes et féministes.  Bienvenue aux personnes de tous genres, orientations et sexes.