We are incredibly grateful for the support provided to us through a QPIRG McGill summer stipend, which has allowed us to research, plan out and write the curriculum for Monster Academy. Now we are looking for funding to continue forward and bring the project to life!

In addition to accepting donations through our website, our fundraising plan involves facilitating individual workshops in exchange for donations as well as applying for grants from non-corporate sources and seeking out honoraria from community organizations. Individual donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. You can make a donation towards the project through PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of this page. If you are interested in booking us to facilitate workshops for your community organization, class or volunteer training, you can check out our “Book a Workshop!” page.

Please note that, as we are not a registered charitable organization, we unfourtunately cannot offer tax-deductible receipts for donations to the project.

How will donations to the project be used? Here is an overview of our budget for the next step of the project:

Payment for Monster Academy coordinators: 2 coordinators x 50 hours x $20/hour = $2000.00

Payment for 2 guest facilitators: $300

Stipend for youth participants: $10.00 per workshop x 8 workshops x 15 participants = $1200.00

Metro tickets for participants: $3.00 x 112 tickets = $336.00

Art supplies for participants: $50.00

Donations for use of community spaces: $200.00

Donations for food prepared by community organizations: $200.00

Total funding needed = $4286.00

Any extra funds will go towards a larger stipend for participants, facilitators and coordinators, as well as future Monster Academy projects.


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